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Implanon Removal

Occasionally the contraceptive implant may be difficult to palpate, or difficult to remove, and ultrasound visualisation and guidance may be recommended.

Implanon Removal

The doctor or sonographer will explain the procedure and ask you to sign a consent form. Then you will be invited to lie down in a comfortable position with your arm out to the side.

The location of the Implanon will be confirmed with ultrasound imaging. Some doctors like to mark the spot on your skin.

pathway to localize and remove implanon

The doctor will prepare a sterile area and will put antiseptic on your arm. When you are ready she will inject some local anaesthetic into your skin beneath the Implanon. Once the area becomes numb, she will make a small incision over one end of the Implanon and ease it out through the skin. Forceps are then used to grasp to Implanon and pull out the rest of the rod. This can be slightly uncomfortable.

implanon removal

Pressure is then applied to the site to stop any bleeding.

A steristrip is then applied. Very rarely a stitch is used to obtain skin closure.

After the procedure the wound needs to be kept clean and dry for a few days. It may be a little tender.

If you want to continue using Implanon as your contraceptive a replacement one can be inserted immediately.

If you have any questions please ask your referring doctor or the Ultrasound Care doctor before the procedure.