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Genetic Counseling Sydney

This is a special consultation where our doctors and genetic counselors inform patients and their relatives about the possible cause and consequences of genetic diseases.

We discuss the probability of developing and or transmitting them and also the ways by which they can be detected and/or prevented. We also discuss options regarding family planning.

Our doctors use language and explanations which are easily understandable and they discuss all available options in a non directive manner.

Discovering that your fetus has a genetic condition can be a very frightening experience. Most people need time to absorb the information, and someone to talk to about it.

In a genetic consultation we explain the findings and discuss the implications to you and your family.

You may have several options for further testing to think about.

We discuss the ethical implications and the emotional impact that can come with an unexpected diagnosis. 

We allow patients reflection time and offer as much psychological support as people need.

Dr Janan Karatas

Janan’s role is to provide genetic counseling for couples who are choosing which tests to have during their pregnancy, and those who are receiving their results.

This includes the very popular cell free fetal DNA screening with Harmony, Genesyte, Panorama or Sequenom.

Janan also sees people after as well as nuchal translucency and serum screening, chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis.

Sometimes an absent or hypoplastic nasal bone is found at the 12-14 week scan and this can increase the risk of Down syndrome. Janan can go through all of the results and all of your options in this situation.

Her background:

Janan is a highly skilled genetic counsellor with a range of clinical and academic achievements.

She has worked in the in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) arena for a number of years working with couples who are high risk of having a child with a genetic condition achieve their dream of growing their family.

Janan also has extensive research experience and received for PhD from Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. Janan’s research was the first, internationally, to review the psychosocial impact of PGD on couples. It was published in several high impact journals.

She also comes to us with experience in providing genetics education for health professionals. Janan has spent the past year working at NSW Health’s Centre for Genetics Education providing medical and nursing staff with updates on genetics and genetic testing.

Please feel free to contact Janan or any of us, if you or your patients have any special needs. Janan can be contacted on 8383-4100 or her email: